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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and that breaking news is in arizona where police in suburban phoenix are on the about for a gunman. officers say he opened fire at least three separate locations including a restaurant and a hotel. four people are wounded. police in mesa closed off an area around east valley institute of technology. they're looking for the shooter. meanwhile, mesa community college on lockdown. we'll keep an eye on the situation for you, and as always more information at but again, we'll update you. good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. good to have you back scott. new at 11:00, flames erupted at a south bay home and neighbors had to run in the street. crews work to quickly put out
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the fire. it started a few hours ago in campbell, just west of the 85/17 interchange. >> bob redell live there now. bob, investigators think a water bed of all things might be to blame. >> yes. good morning to you, scott and kris. santa clara county fire tells us a woman who lives by herself was moving her waterbed in her second-floor bedroom when the fire started around 8:45. a neighbor we spoke with believes the waterbed's heater mal malfunctioned and caused this. campbell police video shows just how bad the fire got. flamed bursting through the windows of the second floor of her two-story unit. the woman and therneighbors in the attached unit were able to escape unharmed. had the fire knocked down in about 15 minutes. the biggest challenge for them was keeping it contained to just the one unit. they did have to cut a hole in
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the roof of her condo unit to let the smoke ventilate and the fire ventilate out of the attic so it would not spread into the unit next door. there was some smoke that did get into the unit next door but no flames, as far as we know. the damage appears to be minor. the fire department deployed salvage covers in the unithat was on fire to protect the homeowner's belongings from fire damage. the battalion chief estimates the fire caused around $200,000 in damage. certainly, destroyed the upper floor of the unit. again, everybody here is okay. no one physically hurt. reporting live here in campbell, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> very scary. thanks, bob. new details about the woman shot and killed by san francisco police after she led them on a car chase. >> according to the medical examiner, she is 24-year-old alice brown. police say they spotted brown just after 7:00 last night driving what they believe was a stolen car. when officers approached her at a gas station on van ness and
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pine, they say brown took off. >> the vehicle then drove back onto the sidewalk, towards the officers. the officers fearing for their safety and the safety of the community at large, discharged their firearms. >> brown nearly plowed down a motorcyclist who jumped to safety. brown hit several cars before she was shot but fortunately, no pedestrians. >> also following a developing story overseas. at least 2 people are dead after an attack on a museum in the tunisian capital of tunis. two of the attackers were killed in a gun fight with police. security forces are on the hunt for at least two or three others still on the run. 17 of those killed at the museum were foreign tourists. >> wildlife officials are trying to figure out if a third bat found dead recently in fremont had rabies. that bat was found near niles community park yesterday. now being tested for the deadly disease. last friday that dog we just saw found a rabid bat at niles
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elementary school. the dog is up to date on her shots, just got a booster. and now is on 30-day quarantine. >> as it comes. i'm not really worried because she got vaccinated last april. >> that makes three confirmed cases of rabid bats in alameda county this year. staff picked one up at the irvington community center two weeks ago, and at bancroft middle school in san leandro last month. new at 11:00, police think they have caught a very unusual burglar. officers say 70-year-old ethyl hayes broke into the same church twice, as well as a local school. over the weekend, officers found hayes with cash and a stolen key from trinity lutheran church. surveillance picture from inside the church. police say she had items from montecito preschool in los altos as well as several keys to downtown businesses. they're trying to see if the businesses were broken into as well. >> we're hearing startling
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reports from the archdiocese of san francisco's main church. it's accused of using sprinklers to shoo away homeless people who sleep outside there. >> stephanie chuang is live. you can actually still see the water marks there. >> you can. good morning scott and kris. we're at one of four areas in question here at st. mary's on the main entrance. you can see that there's some dampness here moisture as well as it looks like moss growing here. this area here is where people reportedly, come and sleep, maybe to seek shelter. but you see that direct lyly above on the overhang, there appears to be a sprinkler from which water is coming out to soak people to get them to leave. we're talking about 30 feet high up there. we're also told the archdiocese of san francisco will release a statement at 1:00 this afternoon to address these reports of the sprinklers turning on
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periodically at li once every hour soaking those who may be seeking shelter underneath the overhang. for those who have no place to sleep, it's surprising and disheartening. >> it's unbelievable. you know what i'm saying? the church welcomes all with open hands because it's funded through god. >> we spoke with the coalition on homelessness in san francisco, which called this cruel, if true. that member is there at the coalition say they know the city of san francisco and public werks will sometimes? advertently spray people on public sidewalks as they're hosing down the sidewalks, but pouring water directly on people is, quote, one of the meaner things they have heard. you can see the no tres passing sign that is posted here again, one in the four sections we're talking about here. the coalition saying the best practice is for a property owner to actually speak directly with the homeless people who are
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sleeping on their property. meantime, the coalition is reaching out to the archdiocese of san francisco and we'll get a statement, 1:00 this afternoon. we'll have a crew here for that so we'll have more on the later newscasts at 5:00 and 6:00. stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> okay stephanie, thanks. >> a davis man is under arrest this morning, accused of leading police on a high speed chase that spanned four bay area counties and ended with an explosive crash. >> police say it started in vac vacaville vacaville, went down 680, into san jose, up the peninsula into los altos hills. this is the end of the 90-minute chase. the nissan suv, one tire blown by spike strips, flips over on 180. robin was walking on an overpass when she saw the crash unfold below her. the driver gets out of the suv seemingly without a scratch. >> told him to get down. he wouldn't. i thought this is it for him.
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>> the driver is okay. 24-year-old ramon bernal of davis. happening today, two men charged in the death of an oakland mother are expected in court to enter their pleas. police arrested sheldon m mcdaniels and jerry harbin over the weekend. police believe they were involved in the shootout that killed the woman last week. pierce was trying to protect her young children when she was caught in the cross fire. the two men face homicide charges. a third man, 19-year-old anthony sims, also faces charges. a lot of questions this morning over a gruesome discovery in napa. police say a dead naked man was found in a freezer. relatives went to check on the man yesterday. he hadn't been seen since last month. that's when they found him in his own freezer. police say there were no signs of struggle or forced entry and the man had a history of mental problems. >> also in napa new details on an apparent murder/suicide. police say tawfilis met with
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robert dahl at dahl vineyards in napa. that's when the two men gault into an argument over a business deal. dahl shot tawfilis in the head. dahl then took his own life. >> troubled real estate heir robert durs is on suicide watch. deputies moved him to a safe prison with a mental health unit. he's in custody on gun charges while waiting extradition to face charges in the murder of an author who was his friend. if followed an explosive documentary on hbo. durs is also a suspect in his first wive's disappearance, and now police in northern california want to know if he's tied to an unsolved disappearance there. he was in eureka around the time the 16-year-old girl you just saw, karen mitchell, vanished in 1997. she was never found. and that is one of two northern california cases durst has been tied to at one time or another.
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also 12 years ago, san francisco looked at him in 1997 in the disappearance of kristen modiferi. she vanished without a trace after leaving her shift at a coffee shop. at that time he had a home in northern california. >> a san jose woman will have to pay up for her illegal collection of stuffed wildlife. here's a look at some of the animals found at her apartment. she has been fined $3,000 and has to serve 300 hours of community service for possessing illegal birds of prey. authorities caught her after she allegedly bought a stuffed french barn owl on ebay. that's a protected species. >> up next at 11:00, starbucks faces a serious backlash after it tries to brew up more than coffee. why customers are criticizing the conversations they had with some of their buristas. >> plus the new app tracking your every move and saving you money at the same time. >> and we're tracking your temperatures. warmer than average at this hour. going to be really nice out
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there. comfortable sunshine for today. you might be throwing the h word, hot, around tomorrow in some cities expecting the 80 frs the final day of winter. good news is shower chance looking much more promising. i'll show you the latest models when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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we have breaking news in san jose. if you are headed out the door right now, you want to know of some police activity that is slowing traffic on 880 southbound at brokaw. we have robert honda there on the scene, trying to figure out what's happening. as of right now, one southbound lane of 880 is shut down as police deal with something there. we will give you more details as they are necessary. scott. well turning to the markets. they just turned to the positive, this after the fed
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released more information about interest rates. now, the fed was right at the end of its two-day meeting today. it issues a statement, and hinted it will start raising rates as soon as perhaps june. we got that clarity from the federal open markets committee. there's lots of reasons why they should be raising rates. excellent employment numbers among them. on the other hand with the fed, there's always an on the other hand consumer spending is surprisingly low. maybe it's because wages have not moved up or perhaps it's the weather. remember it's been awful everywhere else in the united states forever this winter. it's a delicate balance. you raise the rates to make sure the economy doesn't run wild while at the same time being careful not to raise them too soon which throws a rench in a solid recovery. facebook is showing off a new way to give money to your friends. you link your messenger account to your debit card and by
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tapping a new buy button, your friend gets the money credited to his or her credit card. and an interesting controversy over kids and social media. pierceson, schprovides standardized tests in school, is keeping track of kiltdz' social media to make sure they don't publish any of their test questions. schools are pushing back saying don't spy on our kids. they're called partnership for an assessment and readiness for college. several states use it though not california. in new jersey a student posted something about the test to twitter. the test company asked the superintendent to make the child take it down. the superintendent instead asked the company to stop watching her students' twitter accounts. monitoring social media not unusual. this high school near glendale in los angeles, pays outside companies to watch posts that may indicate that a student could hurt himself or others. so a strange little balance there. >> that's interesting to see how
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that will all play out because you're right. it's valid on both sides. kraft is recalling those blue and yellow boxes of macaroni and cheese because they may contain pieces of metal. the recall only applies to the original flavor macaroni and cheese, the one that comes in the 7 .25 size. the expirations are between september 18th and october 11th 2015. kraft said it has received eight complaints about the issue but no injuries have been reported. >> trader joe's also issuing a recall for raw walnut products. the nuts may be contaminated with salmonella. most of the effected nuts come in trader joe's branded bags with a december 2015 expiration date. so how about a grande nonfat mocha with a side of race relations? starbucks under fire for its new race together campaign. in a controversial move, the coffee giant is encouraging its
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baristas to write the words race together on cups and try to start a discussion about race with kushmers. but not everybody wants to start the morning off with such a complicated topic, so as you might imagine, the campaign is getting strong reactions from consumers. starbucks has been holding forum for employees to talk race relations and the company says it wants to bring the customers together as well. >> it's a laudable idea but there are times where you just want your coffee i would think. >> i'm happy to have a conversation with somebody i know. i don't know that i want to do it in the starbucks line. >> a new app that tracks you, that's a good thing, especially for your taxes. the founder says the app can save you time and money. >> if you use your car for business, it could be a good fit. here's ian cole. >> when josh leavy launched san francisco brewing co he wanted to focus on hops barley and malt, not on miles driven.
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>> logged just this month, 1300 miles. >> it's part of a growing business transporting the beer himself. >> i'm on the road pretty much seven days a week. >> for tax purposes he tracks every trip. >> when i first started driving this truck and doing deliveriesuric was tracking it with a pen and paper and using google map, which wasn't efficient and i probably missed hundreds of dollars every month. >> then leavy downloaded the mile iq app, you sign up and it tracks each drive you take. at the end of the day, you go through your log, swipe left for a personal trip right if you drove for business. >> i'm going to swipe a business trip and then choose my purchase. i want to say this was a meeting. >> 90% of the market is not using anything to track their miles. inthe counter said mile iq is now available on apple and android devices. it costs $6 a month. >> it automatically senses when you're driving. you don't do anything. >> and users like leavy get e-mailed their log at the end of
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each day, month, and year so they can deduct those miles on their taxes. >> in the average business drive is worth $8.07. every time you miss tracking a business drive, it might be $8.07. >> i'm saving from a half hour to 45 minutes at a time. >> minutes and money saved so he can focus on beer and expanding distribution. not the things that slow him down. >> for us as a small business, it's critical to track the miles and get the money back that we're owed. >> in mountain view ian cole. nbc bay area news. >> you had me at beer. >> don't think that's actually part of the app? >> oh. i want that app. >> it's a nice day to sit out and enjoy a cold something. let's check in with christina loren. good morning. >> hard to believe it's still winter time. you can still enjoy that lemonade if that's something you want to do to cool off later on today. san francisco looking nice and clear at this hour. pretty day shaping up. temps in the 70s for most of us
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except right here in san francisco. forecasting about 67 degrees. meanwhile, want to show you san jose, not a cloud in the sky at this point. we will see high clouds filter in as we get into the afternoon. temperatures already in the 60s. so it's comfort to go sans jacket. 61 in the tri-valley. 60 in san francisco. we're currently at 62 in the north bay, on our way to about 77 degrees there later on today. we'll hit room temperature, 72 degrees, hard to beat that in the south bay. give your heater a break. high pressure builds in more so for tomorrow and as a result we're going to see the warming trent peak for the final day of winter. then we kick off the first day of spring as we get into your friday, and temperatures are going to steadily drop. we also have a better chance for showers north of the golden gate bridge as we get into your saturday. and we're looking pretty good on sunday for your outdoor plans. if you're trying to make plans, sunday is the day, warmer, better for the beach if that's where you want to go and more sunshine anticipated on your sunday. so here we go. let me walk you through the
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changes. peak tomorrow at 77 it grees. a pretty big jump from 72 to 7 in the south bay. then right back down to 72 degrees for friday. nice and comfortable weekend coming your way no matter what your plans are. and this is what is getting me pretty interested at this point. when it comes to next week and this weekend, our chances for showers actually getting better. i stop the clock for you at 2:00 a.m. on saturday. first chance for showers. most of this activity will be confined to sonoma county and north, but hey, we'll take every drop we can get. then watch this. this is the latest model run for monday. 2:00 a.m., we stop the clock for you again. you can see here even getting a little bit of yellow in sonoma county, and widespread green across the board in the bay area. could measure up to a quarter inch because it looks like the showers will continue from 2:00 a.m. all the way until 1:00 p.m. monday. jet stream sits just to the north for most of next week.
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i don't want to carry it too far out because the confidence when you get out seven days is a little unreliable. i tell you, though, looking much better, a lot of models agreeing on the chance for monday. because of the drought getting much and much worse every time we check snow pack melting away in tahoe, we need this rain. we'll be watching for it closely for you. right now, back to you cris and welcome back scott. >> i have to be honest another vacation is on the -- >> come on. >> we'll be back. >> we need to be on your schedule. >> yes you do. >> up next at 11:00 in his own words, chris borland talks about his decision to retire after just one season.
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the future of football is becoming a national debate and a heated one. centered around the sudden retirement of a promising 49ers linebacker. now chris borland and his father are talking about his decision to call it quits. >> as a parent also relieved. because just you know you're going to see the end of the day from which he had to take the kind of physical punishment you have to take to do that perform in that profession. >> jeff borland said he was a little surprised about chris' decision. he also said he didn't let any
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of his sons play football until high school. he told espn he's played through a couple concussions already and questions whether it's worth it given what's known about brain injuries today. >> for me just personally i don't think the risks were worth what i could gain from football. >> borland says he did plenty of research and talked with doctors and former players before making his decision. more than 70 former nfl players have been diagnosed with brain disease. >> the second astronaut to walk on the moon has been pushing his passion, getting us to mars. >> buzz aldrin tweeted this photo of himself looking up at the sky in the superman pose wearing the t-shirt of mars. it is part of his campaign for the united states to focus on a long term goal of human settlement on the red planet. >> well let's go out to the whole universe here. japan has its first multiracial miss universe contestant. >> she won the title and will
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represent japan in the 2015 miss universe pageant. she was born in japan to a japanese mother and an african-american father. her victory has generated a huge discussion online because some people in japan question whether a multiracial person can really represent japan. but many others are praising her. >> we have an update on two breaking stories. the hunt for a gunman and two lanes of a major bay area freeway have been shut down. we'll have the latest coming up next.
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we are following two breaking stories at this hour. let's start with the one happening in the south bay. police activity shut down two southbound lanes of 880 in jose. this is at brokaw road. our traffic reporter mike suggested using zanker road as an alternative around the bottleneck. we do have a crew at the scene and as always you can get the latest on our website, >> and we have an update to breaking news we have been
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following out of mesa arizona. police looking for a gunman on the loose in the area near phoenix. investigators say the man opened fire at least three separate locations including a restaurant and a hotel. four people have been hurt but no one killed that we're aware of. the number of injured is expecting to rise. we don't know about the conditions of the injured. schools and college campuses on the area are on lockdown. we're keeping an eye on this one. you can find information at as well. the secret service is trying to figure out who sent a letter with poison to the white house. that letter tested positive for cyanide. the results are preliminary, and more tests are on the way. the letter showed up on monday at a secret service facility that screens mail headed to the white house. >> a grand jury has indicted a u.s. air force veteran for trying to join isis. the jury indicted tairod nathan webster pugh of attempting to provide support to a terror
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organization. pugh is the u.s. citizen. he lived overseas. court documents say he tried to enter turkey in january with the goal of crossing the border into syria to join isis. >> it appears benjamin netanyahu will remain israel's prime minister. the challenger conceded defeat in the country's election last night. that vote count is still not final, and exit results will show a close race. if netanyahu is confirmed, the winner would become the longest serving leader of israel. >> prince charles, a man who will be king and his wife are touring washington, d.c. this morning. their second trip to the state as a couple and the first one really in nearly a decade. >> peter alexander has the details of a jam packed itinerary. >> with a quick trip across the pond, prince charles and his wife camilla are stepping into the spotlight on u.s. soil. although their visit might not make quite a splash as will and kate did when they visited the
11:32 am
u.s. last year. for charles and camilla, it is the first u.s. visit in ten years. back then they were newyweds. camilla is now far more popular and more comfortable with her role. charles recently praising her on cnn. >> you could imagine, it is a real, real challenge, but she's, i think, been brilliant. in the way she's tackled these things. >> the itinerary for the future king and his duchess is filled with plenty of sight seeing and socializing. still, it's in stark contrast to will and kate's dazzling december visit with cocktail parties and courtside seats. even if prince george was left behind at home. among the landmarks on charles and camilla's tour the lincoln memorial and martin luther king jr. memorial and then mt. vernon before checking out the magna carta. later, charles will talk about marine plastic waste. tomorrow they will visit president obama in the oval office. hard to believe 30 years have
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passed since charles and diana first made this trip. the people's princess dancing her way into the hearts of americans. now, 66 charles may hope to present a different image on this, his 20th visit to the states. >> charles is very much akin at making wants to make the world aware of that sending the message, i need to be taken seriously. >> peter alexander reporting. prince charles and camilla will also get a dose of southern hospitality, visiting consistent consistent to give a speech on health and the environment. >> illness and death is getting much needed mending in san francisco. >> joe shows us how technology and lots of love are helping a woman ripped from her family as a child form new and modern bonds. >> life is always on the move. years ebbing away like water down a stream. so when a small apartment in
11:34 am
north beach public housing, this woman has very few mementos of her 83 years. above her bed, she keeps a picture of her parents and brothers and sisters. it's a portrait of the family she barely knew. >> every morning, she wakes up and every night she goes to bed looking at that picture. >> her story begins more than eight decades ago in china. she was 2 years old when japan invaded china. her parents fled to malaysia, but fearing for her safety left her and her sister behind with her grandmother. >> during this time i did not receive any money or letter from my parents. >> during the occupation her sister disappeared one day, never returned. several years later, her grandmother died. she was 11 years old, living poor and alone. >> it was a very bad time. >> japan invaded malaysia dashing any chance of joining her parents who went on to have more children.
11:35 am
>> four sister and three brothers. never saw. they cannot bring me there. >> as the years rolled by the only contact with her family were occasional letters. >> that was all the correspondence she ever had, maybe a dozen letters. >> following a rough childhood, she married young and had her own children and wasn't until 1965 she saw her mother again during a short visit in china. >> after that i lost them anymore. >> the letters stopped after her parents died around 1980. then she lost contact with the siblings she never even met. >> she couldn't really find her brothers and sisters anymore. >> she moved to san francisco after her husband died from a work injury. a family photo and letters remained erher only connection. >> she lost track of them. 40 or so years had gone by. >> after years scouring the internet, her children recently tracked down her lost siblings in militia, and for first time
11:36 am
in her life there are new family photos. >> all these years she has been dreaming of meting her brothers and sisters. >> they raised money through crowd funding because later this month, they're sending her to malaysia to meet her five siblings for the first time. >> we have a term bucket list things you want to do before you die. i think she's got one thing on her bucket list. this is it. >> i am 83 years old, so i'm very happy. >> there's no making up for lost years, but maybe in some way, the new memories can help color the old ones. nbc bay area news. >> well up next at 11:00, get an exclusive first look at how google plans to change the way you hike. plus -- >> eventually those two worlds collided for me. >> the was passion versus profit for one south bay tech executive. the choice he made more than two decades ago that helped thousands of children which will also make you bay area proud.
11:37 am
and just two days of winter left. but spring is already in the air. you may be suffering from the allergies of the season. we'll tell you when pollen levels will peak and we'll get improvement in the department when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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well we're getting our first look at what could be the next virtual vacation.
11:40 am
google tracking and mapping some of the most beautiful hiking trails. >> we're getting an exclusive look at the views. from hiking with a backpack camera to virtually hiking on your computer screen you're looking at the first images of google's latest street view feature. taking you through the panoramic trails of monterey county after google mapped them with its trekker. >> the trekker takes images as a person walks, every 2.5 seconds, and that enables us to get a great picture that is comp comprehensive of what a place looks like. >> the trekker looks unusual because it's loaded with 15 cameras that capture every inch of the trail or beach, giving you 360 degree panorama movement you can browse from the comfort of your screen because these trekkers have already done the hard work. >> it's a bit heavier.
11:41 am
you've got kind of an antenna and you have to watch out for overhanging branches and leaves. >> it does feel weird. the camera i usually carry comes with a cell phone. >> that's about 55 pounds. >> it's such a tangible way to see yourself in that environment. >> the latest way to preview your next hike or next vacation. taking an online stroll that might inspire you to get out and do the real thing. scott budman, nbc bay area news. hearing about the generosity of people who made their fortunes in the tech industry but here's something a little bit different. >> one man who never made that fortune yet he's still giving back. helping disadvantaged children. garvin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> as a young man, andre chapman knew a little about foster care. after he went off to college, his mother welcomed his younger sister, a foster child, into their family. it wasn't until years later he
11:42 am
became urwear of how tough life can be for foster kids can so changed his life to help change theirs. running a nonprofit in the middle of a valley obsessed it would seem adtimes, only with profit, can be a bit like living in two different worlds. which is why perhaps andre chapman is so good at running unity care. in two worlds is how he's lived mest of his life. >> grew up in both worlds. >> in andre's case those worlds were east palo alto and its wealthier neighbor to the west. his single mom worked as a teacher in the east but raised her family across 101 in aloe alto. surrounded by money, but having very little gave andre a clear goal in life. >> wanting to have more you know, not just for myself also wanting to do more for my mom. >> he did well to putting himself on that path with a business degree and a budding
11:43 am
career in technology. but looking to give back at least a little andre started a nonprofit, unity care, in 1993. it didn't stay little for long though. and andre soon didn't have enough time for both his job and his charity. >> i really found that my desires around happiness and success was less about the money. it was really more about how am i creating a difference in someone's life? >> well unity care is now creating a difference in many many lives. working with more than 5,000 low income and aged out foster care children. helping them with housing and education. 18 different programs in all. >> it's just you know been a huge blessing for me. >> this man was one of unity care's first kids more than 20 years later, he now works for them managing one of their apartment complexes.
11:44 am
he's one example, andre says of how he knows he made the correct decision years ago to forego profits in order to follow his passion. >> i think god had a greater plan for me. >> though he veered away from a life in business andre doesn't consider his time there ill spent. he says that background has helped him grow unity care quickly, with more growth to come. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search bay area proud. well a follow-up, tougher water restrictions going into effect across the state soon. among the new regulations, customers who want water at restaurants will have to ask. water will not be provided automatically. and hotels will now be required to ask if guests want towels if they want them washed daily. many hotels do that. no watering the lawns within two days of rain either. that makes sense. >> that makes sense.
11:45 am
sure does. with that in mind some people might be considering switching out their green grass for maybe something more drought friendly. >> bob shows us how that's making an impact at the flower and garden show in san mateo. >> when you come to the flower and garden show there are 12 wonderful garden showcases on display inside the san mateo county expo center but this stands out to us. it's called antithesis. you're looking at 1100 square feet of wonderful garden. it's the creation of rich radford, a local landscape architect and one theme you went with is drought tolerant plants and i always have a perception of drought tolerant plants as boring. when i look at this, it's clearly not the case. >> you know amongst a fame of drought tolerant plants are an amazing selection of textural forms and colors and displays that will boggle your mind. >> as far as the amount of water, like a garden like this would require, once the roots are established, how often are
11:46 am
you having to water it? how much water do you think you're using? >> you know irrigation systems these days are very advanced and through the combination of technology, smart timers and irrigation, we can pretty much zone areas and have them watered two to three times a week at the most. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> wow. and with regards to your business especially now in the fourth year of the drought, are customers, at least customers in the bay area are they conscientious of that or do they not care? >> there's a little bit of education that goinize to it. people are slowly understanding we need to conserve water and the landscapes tend to be the biggest square footage on a property. so when i tell be once the garden is in, you have to water it a fair amount if you want lawns and a traditional landscape, they start to think about, okay, whatter and mow much is that costing me? our goal is to give people something that's out of the box, not a two-dimensional lawn. an amazing selection of plant
11:47 am
material and you don't have to water it or maintain it as much as you would a lawn. >> rich thank you very much. thanks for inviting us into your space here. the sf flower and garden show just opened, the doors about an hour ago. it's running through sunday at the san mateo county expo center. again, the 30th year this has been taking place. you take a look around here you can see there's a lot of ideas you can get as a consumer as an amateur green thumb to come out and figure out what you want to do at your own home. here in san mateo, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. we were listening, of course but we were thinking what is that cool thing, that little tebe thing? >> it's like a hanging seat. i want it. >> christina loren, you could put one in your back yard. >> yeah that's i'm going to get to make look like a desert. but you know what? we're getting into that time of year, people love to plant a beautiful garden. you definitely want to keep the drought in mind if that's something you're anticipating
11:48 am
doing, after all, first day of spring just two days away now. we're going to see some really lovely conditions for the next couple days as well. san francisco bay, nice and clear. beautiful day over the green hills of sunol. we want these hills to stay green for at least a couple weeks longer. and the good news is there's shower activity in the forecast. temps right now mostly in the 60s. and nice day to head outdoors for lunch. 61 degrees in the tri-valley. at 60 in san francisco. and 61 degrees in the south bay. nearly uniform numbers right now. the separation will take place between now and about 4:00 p.m. when we hit our highs. 77 degrees for the north bay. 10 degrees cooler meanwhile in san francisco today. a little onshore flow trying to develop. high pressure going to take control by tomorrow. and tomorrow is the last day of wintertime. going to be very warm out there. already, though experiencing those allergies of the season. we had a lot of people writing on the facebook page when will we get some relief? let's talk about that. high pollen levels for now.
11:49 am
today at moderate to high. tomorrow we'll be at high. we will peak for the first day of spring. yes, indeed for the first day of spring highest pollen levels. then things start to get better throughout the weekend. saturday into sunday a little shower activity arrives. for us that means we're going to see a lot of that pollen flattened, laid out. that's good news. also the particulate matter a good sign for us to have good air quality. as we meet back on monday. let me walk you through the changes. 72 degrees for today. room temperature in the south bay. getting closer to 80 degrees by tomorrow. some cities in the tri-valley and north bay will hit 80 and then we cool you right back off as we head throughout friday. that's when the clouds will increase as well and saturday looks pretty good for outdoor plans but not as good as sunday will be. with a slight chance for showers, mostly looking at this towards northern sonoma county as we head throughout saturday at 3:00 to 9:00 a.m. saturday but look at this. this is what we want to see, a good looking storm system on the way as we head throughout monday
11:50 am
at 2:00 a.m. so when we meet back here on monday we'll have a storm to track. a lot of the models becoming more and more in agreement as the system gets closer to us. i feel confident that we are going to get some light to moderate showers even as far south as the south bay. so san jose looking at some light rain into monday at 2:00 a.m. that's the day you want to let mother nature water your lawn for you. as we head throughout 2:00 p.m. on monday still getting light green, and then you'll have to turn the sprinklers back on if you want to of course we urge you not to if you don't have to. as we head throughout the rest of the week. overall, our rain chance is not done. april and may have surprised me before guys. we'll keep watching for you. back to you. >> we like surprises. >> well two lanes of a major bay area freeway have been shut down. an update on that after the break.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
want to update you once again on the breaking news in the south bay that could really tamper with your commute if you're headed out the door right now. police activity still has two southbound lanes of 880 shut down in san jose. this is at brokaw road. >> let's give you a live look at the freeway. the brokaw overpass is where we are. our traffic reporter mike suggests using zanker road as an altern alternative. let's take a look from the backup, southbound 880 in san jose. we have a crew at the screen. we're keeping an eye on this. you can dplet the latest on our website, face book twitter as well. >> we will be right back.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
let's take a live look at at&t park where the grass is getting lush and green in time for opening day coming up april 13th. the day game against the colorado rockies. >> can't imagine that time of year again. spring is so close now. >> so close. >> well the solar
11:57 am
storm to hit the earth in years is lighting up the sky. >> all around the world, star gazers caught beautiful images of last night's aurora borealis. they were bright because of the storm's geomagnetic technology. these videos are coming in from finland, the uk and even massachusetts. >> they're absolutely beautiful. sometimes you can see them out of airplane windows. i have never seen them on the ground. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> you can get the latest information any time of day, facebook, and twitter as well. have a great day. >> bye-bye.
11:58 am
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>> today on access hollywood live this might be the most guest packed show we have ever had. layla ali is here. >> and before tonight's season finale of empire we have got to hear some secrets. >> and the youngest contestants ever on dancing with the stars, 14-year-old willow is here. >> and sibil shepherd is here and last time she was really into your 50 shades of gray reading. >> access hollywood live starts right now.


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